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75+ Best jQuery Free WordPress Menu Plugins

With this jquery wordpress menu plugins you can unleash your creativity, community and innovate.
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With this jquery wordpress menu plugins you can unleash your creativity, community and innovate.

In this Post we make a collection of 35 Dropdown, multi level, and mega menu plugins for web developer, with this collection you can take, your website to the Next Level, Shorten your developing process, and make website with huge content or multi level section.

Inner Page Free WordPress Menu Plugin

This plugin adds a clean, simple meta box to Page allowing you to select a menu to display. Perfect for inner page sidebars. Simply activate the plugin, then add < ?php inner_page_menu(); ?> in your theme page or sidebar template where you want the inner menus to appear.

inner page free wordpress menu plugins download

Easy Left / Right / Standart / Fullscreen WordPress Menu Plugin

Bigpicture.js is a library that allows infinite panning and infinite zooming in HTML pages.


easy left right standart fullscreen wordpress menu plugin download

ZF WordPress Category Accordion WordPress Menu Plugin

ZF WordPress Category Accordion is a plugin that shows all categories and subcategories from WordPress vs WooCommerce category as multilevel accordion category.

zf wordpress category accordion wordpress menu plugin

WP Fish Eye Menu Bar WordPress Menu Plugin

WP Fish Eye Menu Bar, A Beautiful Mac OS Style Bar Creator.
WP Fish Eye Menu Bar is a very useful perfect styling must have plugin for your wordpress based website.
The key concept is the famous Mac OS bar you usually see at the bottom of the mac book home screen.
This WordPress menu plugin is seriously what you Have been looking for!

WP Fish Eye Menu Bar WordPress Plugins

Category Bar WordPress Menu Plugin

Category Bar for WordPress is a top category bar menu that lets the user easily scroll through all category posts using touch swipe or mouse actions.

Category Bar Wordpress Menu Plugins

Menus Management WordPress Plugin

This is a simple yet very useful plugin for those who are managing websites with complex menus.

Menus Management WordPress Plugins

Advanced Custom Nav Menus WordPress Plugin

Advanced Custom Nav Menus is your plugin solution for customizing your WordPress Menu.
It’s very easy to use and has a intuitive user interface.

Advanced Custom Nav Menus WordPress Plugins

Datmenu Responsive WordPress Menu Plugin

DatMenu is a premium quality plugin for responsive navigation that is built with love and care.

Datmenu Responsive WordPress Menu Plugins

Jumbo: A 3-in-1 full-screen menu for WordPress

Jumbo is a WordPress menu plugin that you can add to any theme, and it comes with a bit of a unique twist.
Next to allowing you to build a bold, memorable and fully responsive full-screen menu, you can also create an optional, secondary drop-down menu.

jumbo a 3in1 fullscreen menu for wordpress

Superfly Responsive WordPress Menu Plugin

Superfly is a responsive WordPress menu plugin that generates trendy sliding out navigation for your site.
Superfly makes navigation much easier and more unobtrusive both on desktops and mobiles.
Concept of off-canvas vertical menu that proved itself on mobiles now shines on desktops too! Mouseover interface removes necessity of extra click and reveals menu with easy move and beautiful presentation.
Under the hood, only industry’s best practices are used for animations and smooth performance.

Superfly Responsive WordPress Menu Plugins

NOO Menu WordPress Mega Menu Plugin

Confused by the intricate user interface of the menu plugin you are using? Had to read the entire document but still not figure out how to customize menu as you want? Save your time and brain cells with NOO Menu a kick-ass Mega Menu Plugin that you can learn how to use BY GLANCE.
NOO Menu is a revolutionary menu plugin that allows you to customize almost everything in a super interactive and intuitive admin interface.

NOO Menu WordPress Mega Menu Plugins

Different Menu in Different Pages WordPress Plugin

This wordpress menu plugins will allow you to use different menus in different pages.
You can create an many menu location as you want and then you can replace a location with a created location.

Different Menu in Different Pages WordPress Plugins

WordPress Menus Management Plugin

This is a simple yet very useful plugin for those who are managing websites with complex menus.
Compatible width WordPress 3.9.1
Video documentation
Duplicate any menu with one click
Export / import menu functionality
FREE updates and FREE support

WordPress Menus Management Plugin

Better Menu Highlighting WordPress Menu Plugin

WordPress handles menu highlighting automatically, but only if the page you’re visiting is in the menu.
It is very common that you will be on a page that isn’t in the menu and will want the closest match in the menu to be highlighted.
This wordpress menu plugins solves that problem by using the URL to find the closest match and highlight the correct menu item.

Better Menu Highlighting WordPress Menu Plugin

Voltar Radial Menu for WordPress

Sick and tired of all the regular blocky menus? Wanted to try something different, but never got a chance to? That’s where Voltar comes in.
A slick radial menu the likes of which you’ve probably never seen before (not on a website, at least) made through the use of technologies that HTML5 provides, with the help of a powerful script KineticJS (more info on http://www.kineticjs.com ).

Voltar Radial Menu for Wordpress

Suppa Responsive WordPress Mega Menu Plugin

Suppa is an excellent responsive, Customizable, Powerfull and User-Friendly WordPress Mega Menu, that allows to style almost anything from the settings page..

suppa responsive wordpress mega menu plugin

Memphis Sliding WordPress Menu Plugin

A sliding menu widget for all your WordPress pages.

Memphis Sliding Menu WordPress Plugin

Slick Sidebar Responsive WordPress Menu Plugin

Add a responsive mobile sidebar with navigation into any WordPress theme.
Settings are stored separately for each active theme.
Dynamic CSS is used and is also enqueued along other scripts to prevent plugin conflicts.
Developers can use the available hooks for theme integration.
Slick Sidebar Responsive WordPress Plugin

slick sidebar responsive wordpress menu plugin

xBreadcrumbs Expandable Navigation WordPress Menu Plugin

xBreadcrumbs (Extended Breadcrumbs) is a WordPress plug-in for creating beautifully styled, dynamic, and categorized breadcrumbs for your website.
Breadcrumbs have been a standard user interface feature on websites for years, and they are an excellent way to let your users see the path they took to arrive at the current page, or to see how it fits into the overall hierarchy of your website.
xBreadcrumbs enhances the standard breadcrumb interface by introducing drop-down menus for a clearer context and easier navigation, as well as the ability to collapse inner crumbs for deeply nested pages.
Collapsed breadcrumbs will expand upon hover, making this feature perfect for preventing long breadcrumb trails that detract from the overall website design.
xBreadcrumbs Expandable Navigation for WordPress

xBreadcrumbs Expandable Navigation WordPress Menu Plugin

Slick Slidebar Responsive WordPress Menu Plugin

Add a responsive mobile sidebar with navigation into any WordPress theme.
Settings are stored separately for each active theme.
Dynamic CSS is used and is also enqueued along other scripts to prevent plugin conflicts.
Developers can use the available hooks for theme integration.
Slick Slidebar Responsive WordPress Plugin

slick slidebar responsive wordpress menu plugin

3D Restaurant Menu WordPress Plugin

Restaurant Menu WordPress is a jQuery 3D Menu list for your wordpress restaurant website.
This wordpress menu plugins will enable awesome 3D Restaurant Menu.
You can change theme color, you can create menu, assign them in page, logo uploading & other settings & by using the options of this wordpress menu plugins.

3D Restaurant Menu Wordpress Plugin

Sliding Post Navigator WordPress Menu Plugin

Sliding post navigator is a widget, which when placed into right/left sidebar will appear when reading a post and automatically create a quick navigation using its “heading” types of titles.
It will give the reader easy to access navigation through your post with smooth animated effects!


Sliding Post Navigator Menu WordPress Plugin

WordPress Animated Menu Plugin

A menu plugin designed to display information with aesthetically pleasing animation effects.
You can use WordPress Animated Menu to help your visitors navigate through your website in seconds ultimately creating an easier user experience.


Wordpress Animated Menu Plugin

Stimmy — responsive mobile nav for WordPress

Stimmy is a premium WordPress plugin that generates a responsive navigation menu using your theme standard menu as source (see requirement).
Navigation is very important part of user experience and Stimmy makes it easier for small screens.
It uses cutting-edge CSS3 techniques like blur effect for whole page and various animations for menu.

stimmy responsive mobile nav for wordpress

Reponsive WordPress Menu Plugin

Reponsive Menu WordPress Plugin

Touchy: A WordPress Mobile Menu Plugin

Touchy, a mobile-first menu plugin for WordPress.
While fast, reactive and primarily meant for touch devices, Touchy can also be used on a full-blown desktop site as it’s been tested in a variety of browsers to ensure it works the same everywhere.

Featuring quickly-accessible call and email buttons, as well as a back button (when not on the front page) and a 2-level drop-down accordion menu, Touchy can serve as a complete menu solution for any WordPress theme.

touchy a wordpress mobile menu plugin

Mega Main Menu WordPress Menu Plugin

Awesome responsive menu plugin.
Features: icons, sticky, mega dropdowns variations, custom skins, fully customizable.
You can place any content in dropdowns: links, text, images, widgets and shortcodes.
Custom dropdowns so easy with “Mega Main Menu”.

mega main menu wordpress menu plugin

Mobilize WordPress Menu Plugin

The Mobilize plugin uses an enhanced version of the mmenu.js jQuery plugin to generate a mobile menu from an existing WordPress menu and displays it for resolutions lower than 720px (width).
The menu is assigned via Appearance -> Menus section and can be a new menu or an existing one (usually a duplicate of the main/primary menu).

Mobilize WordPress Menu Plugin

Wah-Menu For WordPress Plugin

Dockable WordPress Side Menu with pushout sub menu panels.

wahmenu for wordpress plugin

Flexi WordPress Menu Plugin

Flexi Menu Includes 5 Different Fully Customizable Menu Types ( Flyout Menu, WideMenu, WideMenu + Descriptions, WideMenu + Images, Verical Menu )
Lists Categories as Menu Item
Selectable Search Forms, Includes Your Theme’s Form or Flexi Menu’s Customizable Search Form
Enhanced CSS
FaceBook Like Button on Posts, Pages or Both!

flexi menu wordpress plugin

Cool Responsive WordPress Megamenu Plugin

Cool Megamenu is a user-friendly, highly customizable responsive Mega Menu WordPress plugin.
It works out of the box with the WordPress 3 Menu System, making it simple to get started but powerful enough to create highly customized and creative mega menu configurations.

Cool Responsive WordPress Megamenu Plugin

STRIPE A lightweight menu plugin for WordPress

‘Stripe’ is a simple 2-level menu plugin for WordPress, designed to add a little life to your site’s header.
Once activated, the menu will scroll along with the page so it would be visible at all times, making it a great place to insert important links to.

stripe a lightweight menu plugin for wordpress

MashMenu WordPress Easy Mega Menu Plugin

MashMenu is inspired by Mashable.com.
With this wordpress menu plugins, your site has a beautiful menu designed by Mashable with a flexible customization ability.


mashmenu wordpress easy mega menu plugin


UberMenu WordPress Mega Menu Plugin

UberMenu is a user-friendly, highly customizable, responsive Mega Menu WordPress plugin.
It works out of the box with the WordPress 3 Menu System, making it simple to get started but powerful enough to create highly customized and creative mega menu configurations.

ubermenu wordpress mega menu plugin

UberMenu Icons Extension

A Magento Gift Registry Extension is a powerful tool for boosting online sales and driving new customers to your store! This extension will easily allow customers to receive and give gifts all while sharing their gift registry to friends and family!

ubermenu icons extension

Kodda Responsive WordPress Mega Menu

Kodda is a responsive, modern, clean & highly customizable WP menu.
You can style almost everything from the settings page.

kodda responsive wordpress mega menu

Revolution Responsive Menu WordPress

Menu you WordPress menu look as good as any mobile apps.
You can change your dull WordPress menu into an amazing fly-out menu as good as any mobile apps.

revolution responsive menu wordpress

ScrollNav Scroll to Top, Menu & Search for WP

ScrollNav is a original plugin for wordpress.
It is designed to improve user navigation in a web page using a circular button that contains different functions such as:

Scroll to Top
Custom Menu
Search Box
Custom Link
Go to Home

scrollnav scroll to top menu search for wp

jElevator Plugin for WordPress

jElevator is a WordPress plugin that allows webmasters to enhance the navigation of their blog, news, and other content-rich websites.
Providing users with scroll-to-top, scroll-to-bottom, and sections menu functionality, jElevator will increase the usability of any page it is added to.
This wordpress menu plugins is a perfect fit for pages that contain lengthy content, such as a news/blog post, detailed documentation, or a robust informational page.
jElevator will allow users to jump to the information they’re seeking, check the title or date of a news article, or post a comment at the bottom of the page, all without losing their place or having to tediously scroll up and down in search for specific content.

jelevator plugin for wordpress

MOBILE.NAV Responsive menu plugin

mobilenav responsive menu plugin

WIP Mega WordPress Menu Plugin

WIP Mega Menu is simple and easy to use WordPress plugin to enhance your horizontal site menu.
Comes with drag and drop admin system to build your mega menu layout and content, simple settings no “headache” 50+ options, and for developer you can extends the wordpress menu plugins features to fit what your client needs without touch the wordpress menu plugins codes (more safety when the wordpress menu plugins gets updated)!


wip mega menu wordpress plugin

WP Nav Plus

WP Nav Plus is an improved version of the WordPress menu system, which adds the ability to specify a start depth when displaying your menu on your site.
This makes it much easier to implement secondary and tertiary navigation menu’s based off the hierarchy setup in WordPress’s Menu manager.
In other words, you can use this wordpress menu plugins to ‘hide’ the levels of the menu that you do not want WordPress to show!

I have designed WP Nav Plus to be super easy to use for non-developers, while still retaining full power and flexibility for those who want it (developers mostly).
Check out the demonstration video to see what I mean.

For non-developers, using WP Nav Plus is as simple as activating the wordpress menu plugins, and dropping the widget wherever you want it in your widget manager.

For developers, you can use WP Nav Plus in the same way that you would use the standard wp_nav_menu function (see video above for walkthrough).
This allows you to bypass the widget and use WP Nav Plus directly in your template, right where you want it.


wp nav plus

WordPress Menufication

Navigation is one of the most important aspects of a website.
The fly-out menu (with inspiration from Facebook) has been proven to be the most efficient navigation that dramatically can improve your visitors experience on your website!

WordPress Menufication is a user-friendly, customizable WordPress-plugin to transform your WordPress 3 menus to a responsive fly-out menu in Facebook fashion.

Just choose what WordPress 3 menu to use and you are ready to go.
It’s as easy as that!

wordpress menufication

Mate Tabs WordPress Plugin

Mate Tabs it is a responsive tabs and accordion.

mate tabs wordpress plugin

Kodda Modern and Responsive WordPress Menu Plugin

Kodda is a responsive, modern, Elegant, clean & highly customizable wordpress menu.
with kodda you can add : Posts, Links, DropDown’s, Text, HTML & Shortcodes!

kodda modern and responsive wordpress menu

Alldion Responsive accordion for WordPress

Alldion is a responsive, touch enabled, accordion plugin for WordPress that allows you to create multiple accordions using a drag & drop interface and show them using a shortcode or a widget.

alldion responsive accordion for wordpress

Scroll Menu Tag Vertical Navigation

Scroll menu lets you insert tag points on the document as shortcode.
Every Tag point it will automatically added to the Scroll Menu as a button, giving users of your site a better experience and navigation control on large or medium pages.
You may customize the position of the menu and the styles/colors of button.

scroll menu tag vertical navigation

Post Info & Social Blocks WordPress Plugin

With Metro style taking the internet world by storm a lot of websites are struggling to keep up without a full make over.
The Post Info & Social Blocks plugin for WordPress allows you to add a little Metro to your website easily.
Simple installation followed by a few tweaks by the website owner will give you an awesome user friendly block system to liven up your website.


post info social blocks wordpress plugin

Ultimate WP Menu Bar

Ultimate WordPress Menu Manger is a menu manager user friendly plugin which lets you to create awesome responsive menubar with multi-functionality within minutes using default wordpress menu management system.
Either add new bar or replace your existing bar, it works in all conditions.
It makes your website better, secure and more interesting.


ultimate wp menu bar

UI-Pro Simple Metro Style Navigation Bar for WP

With this simple WordPress Plugin you can easily create Metro (now simply called Windows 8 UI) style navigation bars.
The wordpress menu plugins package comes with the icon pack called iconic created by P.J.
Onori, which you can easily set with CSS classes or you can use your own image url.
This wordpress menu plugins has minimal features and options, it has been created for webmasters who need similar functionality on their site(s).

uipro simple metro style navigation bar for wp

jQuery Drilldown Menu for WordPress

iPhone inspired drilldown menu.

jquery drilldown menu for wordpress

Responsive Searchable 3 Level Accordion For WordPress

Just another accordion.
Only better.
Now for WordPress!

responsive searchable 3 level accordion for wordpress

Path Style Menu

This is a multi-level menu inspired by Path 2.0 UI which has sky rocketed the Path application in the App store, proving that a distinctive UI can really give you the edge in a competitive marketplace with similar products.

When the user presses or clicks the button, menu items expand and place themselves around the main button forming an arc, a circle, line up horizontally or vertically.
To close the menu the user needs to either selects one of the options presented or press the main button again.

If multiple levels are nested, then clicking a sub menu will produce the back button allowing the user to go back to the previous menu selection.

path style menu

Fading Menu with Notification Bar and Social Icons

Fading Menu with notification Bar is a WordPress Plugin that will allow you to add your navigational menu (main menu or custom menu defined by you) along with notification bar at the top of your browser.
Simply scroll down your browser a bit to see it in live action!

Welcome to our brand new WordPress Plugin.
WordPress Fading Menu will implement a simple navigation menu that will turn on after a visitor scrolls down your page a bit.
To see it in live action simply scroll down a bit and you will see the menu appearing at the top of your browser.
The position where menu appears can be set via Administration Panel (in pixels from the top).
The menu picks the data from your main WordPress Menu or from an additional menu that you can build in your WordPress Apperance/Menu settings.

Plugin also has the abilitiy to show a simple notification bar.
You can set the text manually (with a simple text editor that will allow you to add links and change color on the fly), or set it to always show your latest tweet.
This will allow you to always have an up to date notification bar with your latest news.

Social icons can be added to the right part of the fading menu.
You can add your own social icons with the URL and alt text.
There is no limitation to how many social icons you can add (apart from the horizontal space).
You can find many amazing social icons at WebTreats.


fading menu with notification bar and social icons

Unlimited CSS3 Buttons

UNLIMTED CSS3 Buttons is a codecanyon.net wordpress plugin file enable designers and developers to enhance their websites using the latest technologies in CSS3 and providing a robust elements that works with all the modern browsers ready to you use showing perfect results.


unlimited css3 buttons

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