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275+ Best Useful Opencart Plugins

New top premium easy useful best opencart extensions, plugins and modules list here.
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New top premium easy useful best opencart extensions, plugins and modules list here.

OpenCart is an awesome ecommerce application with tons of amazing free and premium extensions to choose from.
Like most software systems nowadays, OpenCart Themes is built upon PHP and mySQL.
You can increase your chances of gaining new customers by sharing testimonials from people who are satisfied with the products and customer service your company offers.

It helps a lot since these are very popular and readily understood and customized.

Unique SEO Keyword Validator Opencart Plugin

Module Unique SEO Keyword Validator help you control product urls against duplicates.
As you type your SEO Keyword into your product, the extension will do an instant check via AJAX to check that the entry is not already in the system under another keyword name.

unique seo keyword validatoropencart  plugin download

Custom Popup Opencart Plugin

A Popup Plugin for Opencart that helps you to show promition banner, discount information…or any information you want to remind to your customers.

opencart custom popup extension download

View360, 3D & 360° Viewer Opencart Plugin

By using View360 it’s easy to show any product in 3D of 360 degree rotation. It’s responsive and support all mayor devices and browsers. View360 is built for both: professional ecommerce industry and small online stores. Preloader, simple navigation, automated rotation, inertia, are only few of many options available for fine tuning the product view and behavior.

view360 3d 360 viewer opencart extension download

Vertical Mega Menu Opencart Plugin

A Vertical Menu Plugin for Opencart support 3rd sub menu with fully customization. It is a necessary menu plugin that you need to install for your opencart.

opencart vertical mega menu download plugins

Image Background Remover OpenCart Plugin

This Opencart plugin automatically removes white, lightgray or lightgray gradient background from photos. If the subject on the photo contains “holes”, simply use Background selection tool to mark that area.

image background remover opencart plugin download

Product Recommendation Tell a friend Opencart Extension

Curious about which theme your favorite blog is using? WhatPress is a wordpress theme checking tool, enter a URL of a wordpress website and WhatPress will return information about the E-mail product recomendation form. Tell a friend about some product you talked about. You can put any e-mails what you want. Module support English language. You can easy request me for other language translation.

Product Recommendation Tell a friend Opencart Plugins

Exit Offer for OpenCart Extension

“OpenCart Exit Offer Module”Maximum web store visitors just visit online store and many of them will never return. So it will be big opportunity to reintroduce those visitors by giving some offers. This offer will encourages them to stay and make a purchase from your store.

Exit Offer for OpenCart Plugins

Product Manager Opencart Extension

Open Cart is great free, open source PHP cart software.
This is quite a preferred platform for online store, but every time if we import a large number of products, coming a number of errors, products without image, products without additional image, products without description or products without price.

Product Manager Opencart Extensions

Visual Builder Opencart Extension

Visual Builder for Opencart is easy to use page builder.
It works on every default Opencart installation.
No core files are overwritten.
Also, if you have custom positions or different positions per layouts, It’s easy to add support for those too.

Visual Builder Opencart Extensions

Adv Opencart Order Success Page Opencart Extension

Adv Opencart Order Success Page extension gives you detailed order success page like addreses, products, totals etc.

Adv Opencart Order Success Page Opencart Plugins

Video Image Premium Slideshow Opencart Plugin

Video/Image Premium Slideshow You can choose image background or video background (youtube video) Easy to install and customize You can set up video size height and width Cross Browser compatible (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, IE) Optimized, well-structured code.

Video Image Premium Slideshow Opencart Plugins

Category Accordion Opencart Plugin

“Opencart Category Accordion Module” is the best module for opencart, it help to show all category list into collapsible accordion menu and easy for customer to browse any product category and how many product there. It is compatible for opencart version, 1.5.4,,, 1.5.6,,,, and older version also.

Category Accordion Opencart Plugins

Product Compare Link Opencart Plugins

This vqmod file add feature to generate link to your compare page. You can then share that link on forum / message board or email. No core files overwritten. 100% new file.

Product Compare Link Opencart Plugins

Better Dashboard Opencart Extension

Module Admin Better Dashboard is clean dashboard with important statistics and pie chart of most 5 selling products.

Better Dashboard Opencart Plugins

Adv Opencart Price Slider Plugin

This extension filters product according to price with slidebar on category page.

Adv Opencart Price Slider Plugins

Advanced Stock Notification Opencart Extension

If you are still unsure if this extension is for you , I will give a brief description on it’s core functionality. The module was conceived from the base structure to the design UI to take care of your product stock and customer needs with ease and not in a time consuming fashion, were in the end means maximizing the store profit.

Advanced Stock Notification Opencart Extensions

Shipping Cost By Zone Opencart Plugin

A shipping solution that is for your opencart website allows you to customize rate of shipping price. It depends on zones, regions, cities, …
Note: This shipping method only applies for domestic scale.

Shipping Cost By Zone Opencart Plugins

gSearch Instant Ajax Search with Auto Complete Opencart Plugin

gSearch – Ajax Search, Auto Complete Search, Genius serch, Auto Suggestion Search (VQMOD)

gSearch Instant Ajax Search with Auto Complete Opencart Plugins

Adv Opencart Ajax Filter Plugin

Adv Opencart Ajax Filter filters products according to category, options, attributes, manufacturers, filters, tags and stock.

Adv Opencart Ajax Filter Plugins

Super Search Autocomplete & More Opencart Plugin

Your customers can’t buy your products if they can’t find them. Super Search allows your products to be found.

Super Search Autocomplete More Opencart Plugins

Swipebox Opencart Plugin

Module Swipebox is VQmod exntension for OpenCart. Replace default Colorbox photo display method for new a touchable jQuery lightbox Swipebox.

Swipebox Opencart Plugins

Opencart Testimonial Plugin

Opencart Testimonial is an extension that helps you in displaying testimonials from customers on your opencart website opencart. The extension allows you or customers to add more testimonials and show them by module or list pages. It also increases your trust and interaction with customers.

Opencart Testimonial Plugins

Masonry Products for Category & Search Opencart Plugin

This module will help you to display all of your products in single page and it will save time which usually customer spend behind clicking on the pagination’s number.

Masonry Products for Category Search Opencart Plugins

Page Builder Opencart Plugin

This is unique module can control for every modules in all position in theme in 3 minutes.

Page Builder Opencart Plugins

Facebook Likebox Slider Opencart Plugin

The best Social Slider plugin for Opencart on the market. Easy to install, 3 click configuration, awesome tabs design. Easy way to get more shares, more traffic, more fans and popularity.

Facebook Likebox Slider Opencart Plugins

Compact Reviews on Dashboard Opencart Extension

Customizable plugin for easy and quick reading latest reviews on admin’s Dashboard page. All reviews can collapse and expand their content with simple click. You can manage plugin settings and disable or enable it on the Dashboard or Reviews pages separately. Set your own width of column with reviews text, as a number of chars for preview text of reviews.

Compact Reviews on Dashboard Opencart Extensions

Product Compare Module (VQMOD) Opencart Extension

This module will help you easily compare multiple products across the whole store.

Product Compare Module VQMOD Opencart Extensions

AdvFTP Opencart Plugin

AdvFTP is a smart, fast and lightweight file manager extension. It operates from Opencart back-end so you don’t have to use any FTP program anymore. You can browse folders, create, edit, copy, move, delete, search, upload and download files and much more.

AdvFTP Opencart Plugins

CommonWealth Bank Payment Opencart Plugin

Australia Commweb Commonwealth Bank Virtual Payment Client 1.0 (Merchant Hosted).

CommonWealth Bank Payment Opencart Plugins

Currency by Language Opencart Plugin

This Opencart extension matches currencies and languages, and shows currencies to customer according to it. And also it sets default currency according to language.

Currency by Language Opencart Plugins

Adv Product Videos Opencart Plugin

This Opencart extension adds YouTube/Vimeo/DailyMotion videos to product Images part (Popup video) and adds ‘Videos’ tab to admin product edit page.

Adv Product Videos Opencart Plugins

Products Images Videos Gallery Opencart Plugin

This will help you display all of your product images besides of the main product image with automatic/manual sliding feature. Additionally you can display youtube product videos as well in the list.

Products Images Videos Gallery Opencart Plugins

Pogo Animated Slider Creator Opencart Plugin

Sliders can be a great way to showcase products and engage the users of your site. Creating animated sliders manually is a laborious and time staking task. Further more it requires technical knowledge of HTML, CSS and Javascript. Luckily with the Pogo slider creator you can create animated sliders with ease! Our drag and drop, WYSIWYG interface gives you total control over the design, animation, timings and overall functionality of the slider. It also gives you the flexibility to create static banners from the same module. The Pogo slider creator lets you create modules that work in every page and in every content section. Slider are fully responsive and fluidly adapt to any screen size, from a wide screen monitor to a smart phone. So what are we waiting for? Get started creating incredible sliders today!

Pogo Animated Slider Creator Opencart Plugins

Product Carousel Pro Opencart Extension

Product Carousel Pro is a plugin for opencart, allows you to create module responsive carousel products. This plugin can be customized easily with possible options.

Product Carousel Pro Opencart Extensions

Google Sitemap(Advanced) Opencart Plugin

Module to create Google Sitemap, you can select pages which wants to include in sitemap, Notify google to crawl sitemap from opencart backend!

google sitemapadvanced opencart plugin

Multiple Store Pickups Shipping Opencart Extension

Multiple Shipping Methods
Set Title and additional information (for e.g. your store address).
Can set shipping method by geo zone of the user
Can set Threshold order total amount for each shipping method

Multiple Store Pickups Shipping Opencart Extension

Chase Paymentech Orbital Payment Opencart Plugin

Accept Payment via credit card on your store.
Enable payment for specific geo zone.
Enable payment method for specific total amount limit
Secure way to get payment from your customers via CC

Chase Paymentech Orbital Payment Opencart Plugin

Super Page Titles Opencart Extension

Your page title tag is the first thing that potential customers see when your listing appears in search engine results. It’s also one of the top ranking signals that search engines use to decide the relevance of your page to a searcher’s query. Having the incomplete title tags OpenCart uses by default is an easy way to kill your click-through rates and search ranking.

Super Page Titles Opencart Extensions

Social Media Share Opencart Plugin

Ever wanted to share your products on your social media pages as soon as you add or edit them? Well, that’s exactly what this module does. Whenever a product is added or edited on the admin side, it is posted to your social media page. Only Facebook share is available at this version.

Share to your Facebook page right away.
Share using your own Facebook application. No link back to third party app.
No need to log into Facebook and post the product info manually.
Posts your product image to Facebook.
Minimal core file edit.

Social Media Share Opencart Plugin

Reset Orders with a click (Admin) Openacart Plugin

This extension helps the admin to reset the sales orders/sales reports orders with one single click.
From Reports->Sales->Orders: => you can remove only a filtered set of data with Delete by filter button.
From Sales->Orders: => you can remove all the orders with Delete all button. => you can remove only a filtered set of data with Delete by filter button.
Very useful when removing big test data.
No need to go on each page to find and delete denied or cancelled orders, just choose the status and hit Delete by filter button
Save your time

reset orders with a click admin opencart plugin

Admin Side Order Invoice Print Layout OpenCart Plugin

Admin-Side Order Invoice Print Layout – OpenCart Plugin Extension.
This OpenCart Plugin Extension generated New Invoice Print Layout.

Store Logo on Invoice
Product Image on Invoice.
Some Other Features….

FAdmin Side Order Invoice Print Layout OpenCart Plugin

Smart Watermark – A must have Opencart Plugin

Smart Watermark is an Opencart plugin that allows you to extends the default functionality and auto generate watermark image on most of product pages.

smart watermark a must have opencart plugin

Opencart Export To Excel plugin

Opencart Export to Excel is an extension that allows you to export opencart data to excel file (*.xls).
It supports for managing as well as reporting your sale in a convenient and effective solution.
You can custom to choose data column and select list before exporting.
All of exportable data includes: Product, Category, Manufacturer, Customer, Order.

opencart export to excel plugin

OpenCart Super Page Cache Site Speed Booster

OpenCart is a great platform for ecommerce. Unfortunately with so many features and so much extensibility, its codebase is very bloated and your page load times suffer as a result. With Google putting so much emphasis on your site’s overall load speed, and with users becoming increasing impatient with slow loading sites, it’s absolutely vital that your site is loading as quickly as possible.

opencart super page cache site speed booster

Custom Business Card Design OpenCart Plugin

“Custom Business Card Design for OpenCart” module is an open cart module which is used to design or customized business card. By this module customer can design the business card as per their need such as add Name, Designation, Address, Contact Details, Logo and Images by different types of Color, Font, Size and Format. User can also change the Background of Business Card and Add to Cart with Variation Options from Popup. User can upload multiple images and drag the image and text on different positions.

custom business card design opencart plugin

Opencart Bulk Price Update Plugin

“OpenCart Bulk Price Update” plugin allows OpenCart Store Admins to Filter Products by Product Name or Product Price Range and Update Products as Bulk “Price”, “Quantity” and “Category”. Store Admin can Update all Products Quantity and/or Update all Products Price at a time and Update All Product Price by Percentage with Percent condition to Increase or Decrease.

opencart bulk price update plugin

Content Box Plus Plugin for Opencart

Put anything like third party ad code, third party newsletter subscription forms, third party banner codes, Youtube Videos, links using this multipupose module.

content box plus plugin for opencart

Opencart Easy Group Discount Plugin

Easy Group Discount is a helpful module that lets you apply easy discount on group of products.

opencart easy group discount plugin

Opencart Request Product Module Plugin

“Opencart Request Product Module” is the best module for send product request to admin with selected variation or without selected variation admin can config from module settings. Admim can set it, for any selected product or for all product. After send request from customer, admin can check from request product list and send them feedback also so there is reply token that help admin reply send or not. Request popup is fully responsive so customer can send request from mobile or ipad device. “Opencart Request Product Module”module is fully customizable by admin. It is compatible for version 1.5.4,,, 1.5.6 and

opencart request product module plugin

OpenCart Security Improve Plugin

OpenCart Security Improve is the security suit for protect your shopping store.
This script improve password hashing and lockdown user/customer login to prevent brute-force attack.


OpenCart Security Improve Plugin

OpenCart SEO Link De-Duplicator Plugin

The biggest problem OpenCart sites face is the duplicate/thin pages penalties caused by its default link scheme. By default, every page on the site can be accessed by a multitude of links. OpenCart SEO Link De-duplicator ends the duplicate link madness by standardizing one proper link for each page, and 301 redirecting all of the “ghost” versions to the proper link. Boost your SEO efforts in just minutes!

opencart seo link deduplicator plugin

Custom Payment Methods Opencart Plugin

This module allows to add multiple offline payment methods, that your users can choose when they checkout.

custom payment methods opencart plugin

SocialAuth Opencart Plugin

It Has Been Proven Countless Times That The Easier It Is For A Customer To Create An Account During Checkout, The More Likely They Are To Complete Their Purchase. This Extension Makes The Open Cart Checkout Process Another Notch Easier For Customers That Prefer To Login/register Via Their Favorite Social Networks.

SocialAuth Opencart Plugin

OpenCart Product PDF Plugin

Product PDF generate PDF file with your product.
PDF include – Store logotype – Store address, e-mail, phone and link – Product name – Price with and without tax – Attribute table – Description – Product photo – QR code with link

OpenCart Product PDF Plugin

Custom Shortcut Key Opencart Plugin

Custom shortcutkey is extension for customize some keys for easy use admin functional, using this extension you can save a lot of time.

Custom Shortcut Key Opencart Plugin

Product Group Discount Opencart Plugin

Product Group Discount is a helpful module that lets you apply easy discount on group of products.

“Opencart Discount Module” allow you to set the discount for verious products by percent(%) or Fixed amount discount You can set start and end date of discount group. Compatible with version 1.5.2,, 1.5.3,, 1.5.4,,, 1.5.6, and 1.5.x


Product Group Discount Opencart Plugin

Mailchimp Custom Popup Subscription Plugin for OpenCart

“MailChimp Subscription with Custom Popup for OpenCart” is an amazing email subscriber module which allows the site Admin to create Custom Popup, place YouTube/Vimeo embed videos, image or any sort of HTML/custom content in the subscription popup and the Visitors can Subscribe their email to the MailChimp subscription list. It is flexible, best and simple way to subscribe email for newsletter. Admin can set “MailChimp Subscription with Custom Popup for OpenCart” module through a Popup style which has various display options or can add this as a Button (Menu).

mailchimp custom popup subscription for opencart

Opencart Reviewer Information Module

With this script you can know that your product reviewer is buying the product or not.

opencart reviewer information module

Custom Content Popup Plugin at Product Page for OpenCart

“OpenCart Custom Content Popup at product page” module is an amazing OpenCart product details page popup module which allows the site Admin to create Custom Popup, place YouTube/Vimeo embed videos, image or any sort of HTML/custom content in the popup.

You can use this module to promote your products or give some instant news, offers, announcement, and greetings messages to the customer about the specific product. So that you can encourage the visitors to purchase more from your shop. It works on the product details page and supports Individual Popup for Individual Products.


custom content popup plugin at product page for opencart

Opencart CDN Extension

Opencart CDN extension is a general CDN solution for opencart. which will speed up page resources loading in client browser.

opencart cdn extension

Easy Opencart Stripe Payment Module

Now you can accept Stripe payments easily in your OpenCart store! Payments are made directly on your site with your site’s look and feel, there are no popups or annoying redirections to third party payment gateways. This Stripe module looks exactly as a real merchant account would at a fraction of the cost and hassle.

Easy OpenCart Stripe Payment Module is unique in that it can either authorize the payments and you manually capture (charge) them, or it can automatically authorize and capture at time of purchase.

easy opencart stripe payment module

Stripe Payment Gateway Opencart Plugin

No modifications to core files!Easy to install, Easy set up just upload and configure will full instructions
Created using the newest version of Stripe Checkout, V2!
Select if you want to verify CVC, Address Line 1 and Zip Code
You have an option to securely store your customers card details for future purchase
You can run both Test & Live modes easily
This module is fully dynamic so your customer does not leave your website and updated via AJAX
Have subscription-based products? Just enter your Stripe Plan ID in the new Stripe ID field when you’re editing a product in the admin, and that product will be linked to your plan, and purchasers of that product will be signed up to that plan and a new order will be created every time their subscription recurs.
Just want this payment method for a few select groups? Perfect! You’ll be able to limit this payment method from appearing by choosing single or multiple variations of: Order Total, Store, Geo Zone, Customer Group and Currency!


Stripe Payment Gateway Opencart Plugin

Category Name in Your Product Title Tag Opencart Plugin

This simple add-on allows you to put the name of the product category within the title tags of your category product page. Let’s say you have a product called 20” Tire in the category Bicycle Tires > Racing Tires. By default, OpenCart would only put the words 20” Tire in the title tag, hurting your SEO and your product’s appearance within search engine results pages.

Category Name in Your Product Title Tag Opencart Plugin

Sizes Chart Table Opencart Plugin

Easy installation Multi language support Nearly all custom themes supported Unlimited number of size charts Full support from developers.


Sizes Chart Table Opencart Plugin

Opencart Discount Module

“Opencart Discount Module” is the best module for give the best discount to any customer. “Opencart Discount Module” is allow set the multiple discount for verious condtion like any product discount for selected product discount with percent(%) and admin can set expire time also start and end date.It is compatible for version 1.5.2,, 1.5.3,, 1.5.4,,, 1.5.6 and

opencart discount module

Advanced Product Label Module for OpenCart vQmod

Add labels to featured, besteller, latest, special, stocks, free-shipping, category, manufacturer, etc.
Upload and use your own images as labels
Set label as image: jpg, png and it will resize to fit label size
Three easy shapes: Rotated, Round and Horizontal
Easy positioning Top & Left,Top & Right,Bottom & Left,Bottom & Right
Advanced mode: Set manual position, manual dimensions
Setup label position, size, colors, border, text, opacity, shadow, etc.
Set size, you decide how big is your label
Optionally use two line text labels
Set text labels for different languages (multilanguage)
Select as many products as you need to show the label


Advanced Product Label Module for OpenCart vQmod

Mega Slider Filter OpenCart Plugin

Filter by price and Weight vqmod module (responsitive) 1. No additional javascripts. 2. Esay to integrate in your design (responsitive). 3. No ajax requests. 4. Fast filter.

Mega Slider Filter OpenCart Plugin

Category Slider / Carousel Module OpenCart Plugin

Is display products from category with carouFredSel effect with many parameters to configure…

Category Slider Carousel Module OpenCart Plugin

8 Extra New Position OpenCart Plugin

After installing the our extension you will have another 8 additional positions for your store.

8 Extra New Position OpenCart Plugin

OpenCart Canonical URLs SEO Extension Plugin

OpenCart is a great free, open source PHP cart software. Unfortunately it’s quite behind in terms of SEO. A default installation will end up flooding Google’s index with many duplicate category, index, and information pages which will diluting your site’s search ranking and incurring thin content penalties.

opencart canonical urls seo extension

Bestsellers Carousel Module OpenCart Plugin

Is display Bestsellers with carouFredSel effect with many parameters to configure…

Bestsellers Carousel Module OpenCart Plugin

Unlimited Icon boxes Extension for OpenCart

ALTHEMIST Iconboxes OpenCart extension is a powerfull OpenCart extension providing the ability to create custom content for OpenCart based web sites.

unlimited icon boxes extension for opencart

Recently Viewed Carousel Module for OpenCart

This module allows your shopping cart users provision to see their recently viewed products.


recently viewed carousel module for opencart

Search By SKU – SKU on Product Page – OpenCart Plugin

OpenCart Defaultly provides “Product Code” on Product Page Which Displays Model No. of Product, But Some Kind of Goods don’t have Model Nos. Like Diamond, Jewelry, Clothes etc. So, At that Time, SKU is Very Helpful To Store Owner to Uniquely Identifing Their Products and Also Easy For Visitor/Buyer to Remember/Note.

search by sku sku on product page opencart

Twitter Tweet Product Card – OpenCart Plugin vQmod

As We all know Twitter is Biggest Place For Marketing, it provide to tweet with your words, only links not images to follow. But Here, To Compare With other Social Compititor, Twitter provides Extra Features for Online Seller to promote their Product with Extra Tweet Option Called “Twitter Card”, It Includes Image with on Screen Preview. Here, Twitter Card Marker OpenCart Plugin Extension built by profesionals for professionals.

twitter tweet product card opencart vqmod

Meta Keywords For OpenCart Store Home Page – vQmod

As We all know OpenCart Only Provide Meta Description For Store Front/Home Page.
Here, We are providing you one extra-ordinary feature to add Meta Keywords to your OpenCart Store Front/Home Page using This OpenCart Plugin Extension File.

meta keywords for opencart store home page vqmod

3-in-1 Tabs/Accordions/Toggles module for OpenCart Plugin

ALTHEMIST 3-IN-1 Unlimited Tabs / Accordions / Toggles OpenCart extension is a powerfull OpenCart extension providing the ability to create custom content for OpenCart based web sites.

3in1 tabsaccordionstoggles module for opencart plugin

PInterest Rich Pin Marker – OpenCart vQmod

This OpenCart Plugin Extension, “PInterest Rich Pin”, helps To Pin your Product, Not Only your Product Image, But It automatically Pin Product Name, URL, Description, Price, Currency, your Store Name, Stock Detail like In Stock, Pre-Order, Back Order, Out of Stock. . If your Pinned Product has Currently Running Any Offer, This Plugin automatically Pin Some Extra Details Like Actual Price, Offer/Deal Price, Offer Start Date, Offer End Date.

pinterest rich pin marker opencart vqmod

Featured products extended for OpenCart Plugin

That makes selection of featured products much easier and faster.
Set categories when module will be display
number of products is selectable from the admin
image dimensions is selectable from the admin
change front-end language in admin
Multi Language Support
Multi Store Support
easy Enable/Disable
works with all Themes
easy install and Setup
Easy admin interface
Plug and play Module

featured products extended for opencart plugin

Bulk coupon export for OpenCart Plugin

export selected coupons
Export in CSV format
utf8 compatibility
easy install & use

bulk coupon export for opencart plugin

Quick Checkout – Advanced Opencart Checkout Plugin

This Quick Checkout extension merges 6 steps of default checkout process to only 1 step.
If you wish your customers check out quickly and simply. This extension is your best choice.


quick checkout advanced opencart checkout plugin

UPS Advanced Shipping Addon Opencart Plugin

UPS Advanced Shipping Addon is a group of additional features for the UPS extension that comes with OpenCart. The default UPS extension always assumes the cart is a single package with a single weight and dimension. It also does not handle packages greater than 150lbs resulting in UPS returning no rates.


UPS Advanced Shipping Addon Opencart Plugin

Most Viewed Products Opencart Plugin

Popular Products – Displays popular products based on number of visits. You can adjust the number of most viewed products in admin.
Install 1. No files will be overridden 2. Copy ‘catalog’ and ‘admin’ folders in the root folder of your website 3. Grant rights in admin area -> System -> Users -> User Groups


most viewed products opencart plugin

Mug Design and Custom Printing Module for OpenCart Plugin

“Mug Design and Custom Printing for OpenCart eCommerce” module is an open cart module which is used to design or printing on a Mug. By this module customer can design the Mug as per their need such as add logo, image, clip art or any text by different types of font, color and design. Customer can upload multiple images and just drag the image on different positions (left, right, front and back) of a Mug or he can select existing clip art from the sample items which was uploaded by shop owner.

mug design and custom printing module for opencart plugin

OpenCart Show Products by Date Added Plugin

As known OpenCart doesn’t show products by date added. Only by price, by custom order and by popularity.


OpenCart Show Products by Date Added Plugin

OpenCart Live Language Translation v1.0.0 Plugin

Did you ever wanted to edit language files? Now you can do it from inside opencart admin panel with few clicks without FTP credentials.


OpenCart Live Language Translation Plugin

Mega Filter Premium Opencart Plugin

Filter by price, option, attribute, manufacturer Ajax only(very fast), no vqmod, does not override shop files!


mega filter premium opencart plugin

Ultimate SEO plugin for OpenCart Plugin

OpenCart is one of the best eCommerce solutions available today. OpenCart designed to meet various eCommerce needs, no matter of you have just one product for sale or your business could offer hundreds, thousand or even the million of products. However, OpenCart have some disadvantages in terms of SEO which could cause big problem to get good ranking for the site.


Ultimate SEO plugin for OpenCart Plugin

HTML Content Box for OpenCart Plugin

Put anything like third party ad code, third party newsletter subscription.

html content box for opencart plugin

Changes main image on option change (vQmod) Opencart Plugin

This extension adds the ability to show Image associated to option when option is changed at product page. When viewing the product, product main image automatically changes when you select a different option.
This extension has an option to add cloud zoom feature which works flawless together even on option change. Please check it out the demo to see it in action.

changes main image on option change vqmod opencart plugins

Bulk Coupon Create for OpenCart Extension

auto create number coupon
max 500 for one insert
easy install

bulk coupon create for opencart extensions

Add Invoice Number to Orders List for OpenCart Extension

quick generate invoice number
live invoice filter
easy install (one vqmod file)

add invoice number to orders list for opencart extensions

Admin Products Autocomplete with Images Opencart Plugin

This extension greatly improves the admin autocomplete function.
Works as a select drop down list, but keeps the filter autocomplete function, greatly improved.

admin products autocomplete with images opencart plugins

Fast Product Admin for OpenCart Extension

Ajax data submit – no extra buttons and page refreshes
filter by Category
Totally independent, no core files will be overwritten
filter by Manufacturer
Advanced product name filter
Easy installation
Multi store support
All templates 100% compatible

fast product admin for opencart extensions

Attributes Filters for OpenCart Extension

This module provides the easiest way to filter results by the included Attributes in OpenCart.
Adds layered navigation by category and Attributes.

attributes filters for opencart extensions

Imagine UX:UI Opencart Extension

Imagine UX:UI is part of Imagine UX framework suite providing user a refreshing look and feel for Opencart dashboard & login page. Dashboard provide an intuitive information such as list of latest 5 order with a colored label to differentiate between order progress. Approval or disabling a customer review can be done with a single click on the dashboard.

imagine uxui opencart extensions

Ajax Image Loader Opencart Extension

This plugin will load your store image asynchronously via AJAX, AKA lazy loading image.

ajax image loader opencart extens.ons

X-Fee Pro Opencart Plugin

X-Fee Pro is a order total module that can be used any kind of extra fee in your order total. Its may payment processing Or shipping process fee OR any other fee. In this module you can create your own fee and give the fee title what you want.

X Fee Pro Opencart Plugin

OpenCart CloudFlare Manager

CloudFlare Manager integrates your store with the CloudFlare platform.

opencart cloudflare manager

Price Filter for OpenCart Extension

auto create price slider from all product in category
multi lagnuage and multi currency
set categories when filter will be display
extremely simple to use
Easy install
Easy setting
easy custom css
pages are 100% compatible with any custom theme.

price filter for opencartt extension

Option Filter for OpenCart Extension

This module provides the easiest way to filter results by the included options in OpenCart. Adds layered navigation by category and options.

option filter for opencart extension

Opencart 1.5.X Full Seo – Auto Keyword

username : demo password : demo
Opencart 1.5.X category, product, information and manufacturer auto keyword plugins.

opencart 15x full seo auto keyword

Opencart contact form to admin panel extension

Admin panel now shows up all forms of communication.

opencart extensions contact form to admin panel

Opencart Auto Seo Keywords Plugin

This Extension Auto Adds SEO Keywords to Categories, Products, Manufacturers and Information.
Admin Demo For Auto SEO Keywords to Categories, Products, Manufacturers and Information

opencart auto seo keywords extensions

Advanced Extend Footer Plugin

ou can show your text or image with right ,center , left aligned in any pages or all paged with languages.


advanced extend footer

OpenCart Content Protection Plugin (Prevent Copy)

There is no installation process. The user need to just copy paste the files. VQMod is a free tool that automates all the extensions for OpenCart.

opencart content protection plugin prevent copy

Quick Hover View Opencart Plugin

QuickHoverView module allows to view products quickly anywhere on your site as list image category or thumb images. Especially with QuickHoverView you can config any image size to show which allows to see the product images clearly the most, so you easily bring your products closer to customers. So it not only helps improve website usability and speed loading but also makes your store friendly and more professional!

quick hover view opencart plugin

Hyperbox – Hypertext Module For OpenCart Plugin

This module comes with a ton of visual options and easy to customize, uses the powerful Google Fonts for custom font. Create your custom HTML block or text widget easliy with over 20 background templates are packed within this module to produces amazing background and layout. With the visual text editor, gives you the ability to create HTML or simple text.

hyperbox hypertext module for opencart plugin

OpenCart Plugin – Filter Product By Category

“OpenCart Filter Product By Category” is the best module for opencart and customer can easily search product by current category, it is ajax based search module, so no need to page refresh when search by category and easy Alphabet(A,B,C….) system.

opencart filter product by category

X-shipping Pro Opencart Plugin

X-shipping pro is a opencart shipping module. If you want to define your own shipping method and price, this module is the perfect solution. In this module you can create your own shipping method and give the method name what you want.

xshipping pro opencart plugin

Ajax Brand Filter Opencart Plugin

“OpenCart Ajax Brand Filter” is the best module for opencart and customer can easily search product by brand name or Manufacture name, it is ajax module so need to page refresh when search by brand name and easy Alphabet system.

opencart ajax brand filter

Oneshot cart empty Opencart Plugin

“Opencart OneShot Cart Empty” is the best module for Empty the Cart of unwanted products by OneShot. Empty Cart just one click.

“Opencart OneShot Cart Empty” Module has no Admin Panel. It is Plug & Play Module. Just Add to Cart and Empty full Cart from Mini Cart or Cart Detail Page of Frontend. It is compatible for version, 1.5.4,,, 1.5.6.

oneshot cart empty opencart plugin

Free Shipping Enhanced for OpenCart Plugin

Features: + manual set total for free in multi currency + multi lagnuage + change language in admin + support alert messages + multi lagnuage alert messages + html support in alert messages + multi geo zone + consider tax amount in total.

free shipping enhanced for opencart

Opencart iphone cover design tool plugin

“opencart iphone cover design tool” is best iphone cover designing tool, it help to add sample logo, upload logo , resize logo with rotation. Admin can set it easily and nice controlling system. It has individual controll page that help to customize design with uplaod logo, admin can easily print logo and send to supplier easily. It is compatible for version, 1.5.4,,, 1.5.6.

opencart iphone cover design tool plugin

Customer Order Tracking System Opencart Extension

This opencart extension allows customers to view and track status of the shipment.


customer order tracking system opencart extension

Special Discount for Each Customer (vQmod) Opencart Plugin

You can different discounts for each customer with this extension.

special discount for each customer vqmod

Opencart Live Ajax Search Extension

PLive Ajax Search module allows to search products quickly and easy for your customer’s to find products by suggesting actual search results as the customer types. So it will helps improve website usability makes your store friendly and more professional!

live ajax search

Product Image Cloud Zoom

Product Images Zoom extension is allows to see the product images clearly the most, so you easily bring your products closer to customers. So it not only helps improve website usability but also makes your store friendly and more professional!

product image cloud zoom

Product Tab Slider Opencart

product tab slider opencart

Opencart price range domestic and international

“Opencart Price Range Domestic and International Shipping” is best shipping module that help you to set the shipping price based on range(ex: 0-50, 51-100), it has 7 service and 4 price range same as domestic and international so admin can enable or disable domestic or international shipping and also specify this range will be free delivery so its dynamic. It is compatible for version, 1.5.4,,, 1.5.6.

opencart price range domestic and international

Advanced Price View

Displays the price of a product with all the available currencies of shop. >> Display the product price “Free” instead of “0.00”.


advanced price view

Color and Size Opencart

Ad images to product options Main image changes upon selecting a choice Multi language support Allows display of possible colour options at category, featured, bestseller, specials, latest listing.


color and size opencart

Opencart vehicle filter module

“opencart vehicle filter module” is best module for vehicle or vehicle parts website. We can show filter module anywhere like as opencart default module(left,right,top,bottom). Admin can add make and model from backhand(it has build-in make and model data already) and also add each product make model and year. Admin can add multiple model and multiple year for make so its best module for vehicle.It is compatible for version, 1.5.4,,, 1.5.6

opencart vehicle filter module

Sticky Admin Bar (Vqmod-Opencart)

The admin menu sticks to the top of the browser window. Every option is now in hand.Dont need to scroll up any more with this simple vqmod tweak your menu will be walking with your mouse cursor.


sticky admin bar vqmodopencart

Opencart customer quick links

“Opencart Customer Quick Links” is best module for customer quick navigation. So customer will show 2 stylist popup on my account link mouse hover and after login when hover on user name. Admin can set link text,link ur, link icon with individual enable or disable status it have nice theme system with effect, and admin can easily customize all other think from settings tab. It is compatible for version, 1.5.4,,, 1.5.6.

opencart customer quick links

Elegant FB Sign up and Register

“FB Sign up and Register” allow, or force, users to register and login with their Facebook info.
User profiles automatically fill in fields in user profiles when they register.
The previously registered users can simply attach their existing Facebook profile to their account, so in the future, they can logging in with the one social button.
The module has multiple designs, so it fits all kind of custom themes smoothly and elegantly.
The module supports Facebook profile picture as avatar.
You can use your own facebook connect button , also you can change the button text, width and height length.


elegant fb sign up and register

Mega Slider – Opencart Module

Unlimited types of usage (image slider, image slider with text, content slider, video gallery slider, mixed content slider, etc…).


mega slider opencart module

OpenCart Admin Edit Order (v1.5.5.x – 1.5.6)

With this extension will be able to edit and order after is being placed by the user. You will be able to add/edit products, shipping and payment details and much more.


opencart admin edit order v155x 156

Sliding Ajax Cart With Confirmation Popup

Sliding ajax cart module allow the shopping cart is floating sliding on your screen. You can easy see your shopping cart any where. That includes our Popup Confirmations extension built in with confirmation popups for add to cart, add to wish list and add to compare. So it not only helps improve website usability and speed loading but also makes your store friendly and more professional!


sliding ajax cart with confirmation popup

Custom Module Position Creator


custom module position creator

Opencart powerful donation module

Opencart Powerful Donation Module is best module for donation. We can add donation like as product so user can add any price and give the donation of any opencart website actually people can also used it like as virtual product also and u can set each donation name, image and disable/enable status. You can show donation to your website anywhere like as opencart default module. It has nice 22 settings that made it dynamic.Doantion module has buildin 4 step checkout so you can use 4 step checkout for your hole website so specially only for donation and help tab give you easily conatc to the developer. So best donation module for opencart and it is compatible for version, 1.5.4,,, 1.5.6.

opencart powerful donation module

Custom Product Review

Custom Product Review for Opencart

custom product review

MIGS OpenCart Payment Gateway

This module is needed to integrate MIGS Payment Gateway into opencart to accept payments from international customers. MIGS is the “Mastercard Internet Gateway Service” that some merchants use for their generic gateway. Don’t let the name fool you, this service supports all major credit cards. It support Merchange Hosted For those using SSL. The confirmation page will have the credit card fields directly on the page and all processing is done using your domains own SSL certificate.

migs opencart payment gateway

Opencart: Restrict Coupon Free Shipping Method

This is a VQMod based module and as VQMod is basically an override system that caches the modified files separate from the OpenCart code and tells OpenCart to use the cached files instead, this module will not be modifying your OpenCart code (core code).

opencart restrict coupon free shipping method

Custom Camera Slider

Beautiful animation effects (28 types). Customize animation speed, pause time, number of slices, column boxes and row boxes. You can add HTML and Image content and much more.

custom camera slider

Jet Tweet – Twitter Feed Module For OpenCart

This module comes with a ton of visual options and easy to customize, uses the powerful Twitter API for displaying recent tweets from spesific username. Every tweets are pulled via Ajax call and will not reduce your site load time. Built your own twitter template(s) with just simple steps, customize the stylesheet, create animation with jQuery, and even share the template to other peoples. Place this module anywhere whereever you like, top, bottom, right or left or even custom layout.

jet tweet twitter feed module for opencart

Opencart custom menu

“opencart custom menu” is best module for customized menu with sub menu. We can show menu top of the screen and we can also show menu into left right bottom or any side so its actually module based and vqmod solution so we can active both module and vqmod solution. Admin can change menu background color and text color also so its totally customization. It is compatible for version, 1.5.4,,, 1.5.6.

opencart custom menu

Opencart fix menu bar to top Vqmod

Fix Opencart to browser top this vqmod plugin helps you to stick menu at the top of browser on scroll which helps visitors in quick nav .

opencart fix menu bar to top vqmod

opencart touch slider

“Opencart Touch Slider” is best touch slider module that help you to easily navigate to your slider It has 5 options like enable pagination, enable next prev arrow, Touch Enable, Enable Auto play, Enable Loop, Change sliding mode(vertical, horizontal). So its best touch slider for opencart. It is compatible for version, 1.5.4,,, 1.5.6.

opencart touch slider

iColor – Custom Opencart Menu

iColor Menu lets you customize the colors for the menus in Opencart. The menu can be added anywhere on the website.

icolor custom opencart menu

Opencart : Featured Products Slider Carousel

Helps you make Featured product Module to slide no extra JS or CSS works with Opencart inbuild CSS and JS easy to install works fine below.

opencart featured products slider carousel

VÚB ePlatby – Opencart Plugin

This plugin add the ability to pay directly from internet banking via VÚB ePlatby payment gateway from the bank-company .


vb eplatby opencart plugin

lazy load images in Opencart VQMOD

This plugin helps you to load you images in lazy style . it works on VQMOD so not worry about code change just copy past the folder that’s all.

lazy load images in opencart vqmod

Coupon Top Fixed Bar – Opencart

Coupon Fixed bar is used for notification for your customer. Simple way to let user know what is special offers and coupons are available for your Products.

coupon top fixed bar opencart

Facebook Login Module For Opencart

Facebook Login is a Login/Register Account module using Facebook SDK. The Compact Edition (CE) only displays the Facebook Button, and disappears after login is successfull. New customers can register quickly using their Facebook account. Returning customers can login directly into their account using Facebook. Easy installation.


facebook login module for opencart

OCArabia – Bestsellers Of This Year/Month/Week

Bestsellers Of This Year/Month/Week Lists the best sellers in this Year or Month or Weak.

ocarabia bestsellers of this yearmonthweek

Cart Popup Turbo For OpenCart

Cart Popup Turbo show the modal box with cart content after the item is added to the cart. The dialog box template is based on the current */module/cart.tpl by default, but you will be able to customize it. Module works on all the pages with all the OpenCart modules (Featured, Special, etc). Disabling Cart Popup Turbo in a particular module is not provided.

cart popup turbo for opencart

OpenCart Custom T-Shirt Design

“Custom T-Shirt” Module is an open cart module which is used to design or customize T-shirts. By this module customers can design the t-shirt as per their need such as add Text , Number or Logo by different Color, Font Size, Alignment and many more. Customers are able to design their own t-shirt and they can upload a logo to different positions (left, center, right) of t-shirt or can select existing logo from the sample items.

opencart custom tshirt design

OCArabia QR Code Generator

QR Codes (Quick Response Codes) are two dimensional barcodes. Most smartphones such as iPhones and Andriod phones let you visit a website through a QR Code without the use of a link or any other text.

ocarabia qr code generator

Opencart Collage Plugin

Give your users a chance to see how your products would look like on them. With this plug-in they can upload photos of themselves or their home and drag & drop your products into those images.

opencart collage plugin

Opencart for Details Book With Advanced Search

Details Book With Advanced Search for Opencart v1.5.1.2 & v1.5.1.3 & v1.5.2.1 & v1.5.3.1 & v1.5.4.1 This extension is customized OpenCart to the bookstore and you can enter information about the book, e.g. author, isbn, edition, year, language, total page. with search options to Opencart search engine.


opencart for details book with advanced search

Opencart Quickshop

Nero – QuickShop module allows to display products quickly anywhere on your site. Especially Nero – QuickShop is integrated cloudzoom extension which allows to see the product images clearly the most, so you easily bring your products closer to customers.


opencart quickshop

Tatrabanka TatraPay – Opencart Plugin

This plugin add the ability to pay directly from internet banking via TatraPay payment gateway from the bank-company Tatra banka.


tatrabanka tatrapay opencart plugin

Opencart Gift Manager

“OpenCart Gift Manager” Module is an OpenCart module which is use to promote your online eCommerce shop and keep your customers encourage to purchase more from your online shop by giving a free gift.

opencart gift manager

OpenCart DropShop

“OpenCart Drop Shop” Module is an open cart module which is used to easily drag a product into the cart. This module is a full-featured drag and drop add to cart solution that can simply be added to any opencart eCommerce website.

opencart dropshop

Notify Bar Top and Bottom Plugin

Notify Bar is used for notification for your customer. Simple way to let user know what is going on , Special offers , get them signed up with newsletter or annocument , troubles etc..

Now its give you ability to add Bottom , top and to all pages where ever you required with different message on all different pages. Best thing is that Its just used CSS3 and HTML5 ( NO JAVASCRIPT HAS BEEN USED)

notify bar top and bottom plugin

Opencart CashU Payment Extensions

“cashU” Checkout Opencart for integrated payment solutions The checkout button will redirect the customer to the gateway site. From there, the customer enters the payment details and pays. Once payment is completed, the page will redirect back to your site to complete the order. This Extensions is work for All v1.4.(x) to 1.5.(x) OpenCart Versions.

opencart cashu payment extensions

Deal Premium Opencart

Display as slide or list Custom Module Size Custom limit text length Custom Product Title size 5 Slide effects (fade, Scroll top/left/right/down) Auto complete product Countdown product Unlimited Product Item Buttons color style Rid of product when product is out of stock or expiry date.


deal premium opencart

Swipe HQ Checkout Opencart

Swipe HQ Checkout Opencart for integrated payment solutions who want to accept credit cards online.

swipe hq checkout opencart

Product Slider Premium

Featured Premium Product Slider for Opencart.


product slider premium

Fullscreen Background Changer

With Fullscreen background changer module you can easily have a single image background or a fullscreen background slideshow for your store or you could have a different background for every single page.


fullscreen background changer

OpenCart Featured Products and News

“OpenCart Featured Products and News” Module is a jquery based open cart module which is implemented to show the Selected Featured Products and/or News or relevant posts with various sliding effects with sixteen (16) different Themes.

You can set this module twice or more at any page/section and it can be integrated in any position (left, right, top, bottom) of your OpenCart website. OpenCart Featured Products and News Module is fully customizable for the users.

You can easily install and setup the module into the OpenCart site. This Module is compatible for verson 1.5.1 to (tested).

opencart featured products and news

Account Signup Rewards Module for OpenCart (vQmod)

The Account Signup Rewards Module for OpenCart (vQmod) provides a very quick and simple way to add the functionality to automatically reward new customers who create an account with extra reward points to spend. Modifying the setting for the module as well as enabling or disabling the module is as simple as editing the store settings in the administration panel of your storefront. You can select how many rewards points the customer will receive, as well as the title for the entry in their Rewards Points account page, and an extra message that appears on the login page from both the Account and Checkout sections of the storefront.

account signup rewards module for opencart vqmod

Advanced Register/Signup form

Advanced register form gives you full control over your register/signup forms. Make easy for your customer to signup and add more fields just by drag and drop in register/signup forms..

Now its give you ability to do changes on your register form accordingly to your business nature.

advanced registersignup form

Techprocess Payment Gateway Module For Opencart

This module is needed to integrate Techprocess Payment Gateway into Opencart to accept payments from Indian and International customers. My aim to build this module was as in India popular payment mode is the Debit Card. Many Indians do not have a credit card but hold a debit card. By processing Debit Cards, TechPro expands your customer base to include these audiences. You can now accept payments from customers having any Visa – Electron and Plus, MasterCard – Maestro and Cirrus debit card that has been issued by any bank & Internet Banking

techprocess payment gateway module for opencart

JV_NivoSlider – jQuery Image Slider for Opencart

JV_NivoSLider is a module of a image slider, based on a NivoSlider script. The image slider will help you to attract new buyers and more effectively to advertize the products.

jv nivoslider jquery image slider for opencart

Nice Featured Module for OpenCart

Module for Featured items (for OpenCart) with nice JS effect in metro style or something like that.

nice featured module for opencart

Opencart Google Base Extension

Opencart Google Base extension is the advanced version of Google feed functionality that comes by default with Opencart. This extension is updated as per new Google Policies. This extension generates the Google feed for US, UK and Australia as per the latest Google Feed Specifications.

Tested on Opencart v. and v., v.1.5.3.x, v.1.5.4.x Supported for Target Country – US, UK and Australia (Or any other EU countries if your stores default setting) Supported Currencies : USD, AUD, GBP, EUR only.

opencart google base extension

Support Ticket System – Opencart

Opencart is an ecommerce platform which really need support system . Tickets is a full featured, yet easy to use help-desk ticket support system.It is great for users and businesses who wish to keep track of and manage support requests online. You can create multiple tickets, search tickets, , create custom departments and assign and much much more.

support ticket system opencart

Custom Date Display Module for OpenCart (vQmod)

The Date Display Module for OpenCart (vQmod) is designed to offer an easy way for store owners to change the way dates and times are displayed globally across their storefront. Rather than having to manually edit the master language file for both the admin and the frontend, this module dynamically creates an easy way to modify the date format displayed in both sections, all from the standard Settings panel within the OpenCart administration.

custom date display module for opencart vqmod

Single Product Redirect Module for OpenCart vQmod

The Single Product Redirect Module for OpenCart (vQmod) is designed to create a more natural flow throughout an OpenCart storefront by eliminating the extra step commonly found when a category only contains a single product, and there are no further subcategories for the user to explore. This module also makes it possible to use Categories that would be displayed in the menu or navigation bar to link directly to a product, assuming however that there are no subcategories attached to that category.

single product redirect module for opencart vqmod

Opencart Itabs – Tabs with carousals

Itabs is an Opencart Extension/Module to list all your different commonly used modules i.e. Special, Latest Products, BestSellers, Featured, Customers, Brands in a compact tabbed format on a single location in carousals. The module comes with customized options from admin.


opencart itabs tabs with carousals

Facebook OpenGraph Module for OpenCart (vQmod)

Version 1.5.0 of the Facebook OpenGraph Module for OpenCart now supports OpenCart version while simultaneously maintaining support for the previous versions of OpenCart that is supports. This new version also includes a few minor fixes to the template areas that it draws information from making the URLs and Image includes more reliable and consistent.

facebook opengraph module for opencart vqmod

Twitter Box Module for OpenCart

The Twitter Box Module for OpenCart is designed to allow for store owners to display a list of their most recent tweets on the homepage, or any other store page, utilizing the Content Layout (Top, Bottom, Left, Right) positions provided within OpenCart. Using a custom built modular system, this module does not modify any of the core OpenCart file structure, maintaining the ability to upgrade OpenCart as needed.


twitter box module for opencart

Shipping based on pricing

This fully stand-alone module bases the shipping on the addition to the price method to your shop.

Total based shipping calculates shipping rates based on the total value of the cart.

different price total sum-based rates can be created by separating the rates with commas.

shipping based on pricing

Featured Module – Carousel And Product Annotated

The theme works with the latest version of OpenCart – 1.5.3.x 1.5.4.x


featured module carousel and product annotated

Module Minimum Amount Order (vQmod)

With this module, the customer will complete the purchase only if the value reaches a preset minimum stipulated in the admin panel.
For installation you must have vQmod installed in your store.

module minimum amount order vqmod

Single Sign-on for opencart and wordpress

Users who register on your opencart site will automatically get registered in your wordpress site. Instead of registering on both opencart and WordPress separately, customers can simply register in opencart and automatically be created a WordPress account.

single signon for opencart and wordpress

TrustPay – Opencart Plugin

This plugin allows you to pay immediately by bank transfer or credit card payment in your OpenCart through payment gateway TrustPay (or TrustCard).


trustpay opencart plugin

Tatrabanka CardPay – Opencart Plugin

This plugin add the ability to pay with credit card via CardPay payment gateway from the bank-company Tatra banka.

Security guaranteed by 3-D Secure technology. In the transaction process the card holder uses identification with their 3-D Secure password. 3-D Secure technology has been developed and is supported by Visa and MasterCard companies. 3-D Secure technology guarantees protection for the merchant if a card not included in the 3-D Secure programme is used.


tatrabanka cardpay opencart plugin

Baltokoskis Opencart Quick Tags Generator

This module lets you automatically generate search engine optimized tags for your Opencart store. This module looks into the product name,manufacturer and description and selects the relevant keywords which are likely to be indexed by search engines, thus improving your pages search engine listing. This module especially useful if your store contains a large number of products, thus saving you a lot of time by one click tags generation for all your products.

baltokoskis opencart quick tags generator

Create Multiple Forms

Opencart is an ecommerce platform which really need Drag and Drop Form system . Create Multiple Forms just by Drag and Drop options with any filed within seconds for any type of form like advertising form , contact form , ticket form , support form etc.

create multiple forms

vQmod Xml Edit Tool(vQmod)

This plugin to help you visual online manage your vQmod xml files,Support OpenCart 1.5+. To generate xml files through steps very easy.

vqmod xml edit toolvqmod

Opencart Stock Reports Generate

This module allows you to generate selective stock reports for your store. You can choose which fields are to be included in the reports. You can also define the stock level for the products for which reports are to be generated.


opencart stock reports generate

Featured Categories – Opencart

With this extension you can set the featured categories either in the content area or in the sidebar throughout your opencart site.

featured categories opencart

Quick Ajax Orders

This module allows customers to place quick bulk orders for products. The module automatically shows suggestions to customers as they type.The module works extremely fast, almost real time. The customers get to see the minimum quantity they can order along with the image of the product. They can modify the quantity they want to order.

quick ajax orders

Multi Tab for Each Product

Add multiple TAB for each product like Changlog tab , Readmore Tab , Help tab, Video tab, Size list tab etc.

multi tab for each product

Product Quick Look

Product Quick View (Quick Look) extension is a frontend feature that speeds up the browsing process through store by showing product previews on click.

product quick look

Option Mix Match Combination

This extension allows you to combine mix and match several options into one option with a specific price. So for example if you own a garment ecommerce site and you would like to sell Large(option1) Tshirt (product) of the color (option 2) Blue you may give users a a combined option which says Large-Blue (option 1+2) This extension is useful if your store has items with various properties but comes with a fix price for each of them. Check screenshots for further clarity.


option mix match combination

Custom Background Panel

Custom Background Panel helps you to add background color and image for each different layout.

custom background panel

Products Carousels Opencart Modules

Products Carousels Opencart Modules gives carousel effect to latest and featured modules. You can manage options like easing effect and auto start from admin panel.

products carousels opencart modules

Opencart Realtime Detailed Shopping Cart

This module allows the shopping cart to be added to anywhere in the page layout with the details of the products added into the cart.

opencart realtime detailed shopping cart

OpenCart Social Connect System

Social Connect System for OpenCart help website owners to allow customers to login to their site using their third party site id easily.This plugin uses federated login. It allows users to login with their email address and password, and would replace that with federated login. It currently supports worlds four most popular mail providers Google mail, Hotmail, Yahoo! mail and AOL mail.

opencart social connect system

OpenCart Add Account Type (VQMOD)

This module allows you to add account type field to Opencart Registration form so that the customers can register to a specific type of account. It also adds the information to the database and no files are overwritten.

opencart add account type vqmod

Mandatory Mobile no in Opencart Address & Checkout

This module is usefull in making entering “Mobile No” as a Mandatory Feild in opencart helping you to cantact customer easily. This module is usefull to Opencart websites beacause it makes entry of Mobile no mandatory in following areas:

Billing address in checkout.
Shippment address in checkout.
Insert / Edit address in Address Book.
Signup form.

mandatory mobile no in opencart address checkout

Premium Username Login for OpenCart

An module let your customers register with a username and use it to login , instead of using e-mail address to login.

premium username login for opencart

CCBill Payment Module for OpenCart

This will allow you to use CCBill as a payment option in your OpenCart store. To install, you just unzip the files into the root directory of your OpenCart installation. There are detailed instructions included that will walk you through setting up this module. There is also contact information for CCBill if you have any CCBill related questions.

ccbill payment module for opencart

Product Image Zoom Panel Opencart Module

With this module you can zoom your product page images. It helps to attract users and user’s can zoom products listed on your opencart eshop and can get good view of the product.

product image zoom panel opencart module

Custom Themes Panel Opencart Module

This module helps you to configure theme colors from admin panel. It is easy to install and very easy to use for your own themes.

custom themes panel opencart module

Menu Module for Opencart

Menu Module is an advanced Menu Management for Opencart

menu module for opencart

Stylesheet Switcher Opencart Module

This module helps you to assign multi color stylesheets to a theme and can manage/select a color from admin.
Didn’t understood, no problem simply go admin panel and give a test drive.

stylesheet switcher opencart module

Favourite Products Carousel Opencart Module

Favourite Products Carousel Module helps you to add your favourite product’s from admin, you can also manage carousel settings like no.of items to display, items to scroll etc and auto scroll.

favourite products carousel opencart module

CC Avenue Payment Module for OpenCart

This module is needed to integrate CC Avenue Payment Gateway into opencart to accept payments from indian and international customers.My aim to build this module was as in India popular payment mode is the Debit Card. Many Indians do not have a credit card but hold a debit card. By processing Debit Cards, CCAvenue expands your customer base to include these audiences. You can now accept payments from customers having any Visa – Electron and Plus, MasterCard – Maestro and Cirrus debit card that has been issued by any bank.

cc avenue payment module for opencart

Colors for Orders Status (vQmod)

With this module you can apply color to each order statuses.

colors for orders status vqmod

Individual Discounts

With this module you can apply discount for payment method.

individual discounts

Twitter for OpenCart

This plugin displays tweets on the pages of your store. You can display the tweets for keywords or specific username.


twitter for opencart

Categories on Main page

Simple and easy module. You can choose which categories you want to see on the main page of your site.

categories on main page

Add Custom HTML Module

If you have any problems with the display units html this patch will resolved the problem.
The module is intended to create any HTML block. It is possible to attach these blocks to any pattern (top, left, right or bottom). To install and configure this module, you will not need knowledge of php.


add custom html module

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